Welcome to the Gregg Lab!

I am a pediatric endocrinologist. This means that I spend my clinical time helping to take care of children with diabetes and metabolic disease. This rewarding work has fueled my passion to understand how to identify children at risk of diabetes at a young age and design interventions to prevent this from happening. My dream is that our research may one day help to slow the progression of or prevent diabetes, a terrible lifelong disease. Did you know that a child’s risk for diabetes may start in the womb or early in life? I want to work every day to understand how these critical time periods impact pancreatic development and organization so that we can find the molecular key to improving lifetime pancreatic beta-cell health.

A French Lilac transforms into pancreatic buds.
Metformin is derived from the French Lilac and is the most common 
oral Type 2 Diabetes medication.