Welcome to the Goldstein Lab Website 

University of Michigan Medicine, North Campus Research Complex

When the Goldstein laboratory was started at Yale University, we examined the role of the innate immune system in organ transplantation and made several seminal findings of how TLR signaling impacts allograft rejection and transplantation tolerance (JCI 2003, AJT 2004, JI 2006, JI 2007, JASN 2009, JCI 2012 and Circ Res 2015). We applied our knowledge of innate immunity to study diseases, particularly in the context of aging. As a result, we made several groundbreaking findings on how aging alters inflammation to promote a variety of diseases, including: 
  • systemic viral infections (Aging Cell 2006, JI 2008, Cell Host and Microbe 2009); 
  • influenza lung infection (JI 2017, Mucosal Immunology 2019); 
  • organ transplant rejection (AJT 2009, JI 2011, EJI 2016); and 4) vascular diseases (ATVB 2012, Aging Cell 2013 and 2016).