Google Daily Bulletin - Phase 3 - Monday, July 30

posted Jul 31, 2012, 12:14 PM by Rita Girardi
We will provide daily updates after each major phase of the project until technical issues and support issues return to a moderate level. The Phase 3 migration occurred this past weekend. This email details the activities completed during the first business day of operation.

The following units migrated to Google this weekend:
  • Alumni Association
  • Dentistry
  • Development
  • Investment Office (Finance)
  • Kinesiology / Health Management Research Center
  • Life Sciences Institute (partial)
  • Literature, Science and the Arts
  • Public Health
  • Undergraduate Admissions

Number of users migrated: 4,782
Departmental resources (e.g. conference rooms) migrated and/or created:  197
Departmental accounts (e.g. departmental mailboxes) migrated and/or created:  224

Migration Summary
Initial mail migration began on Monday, July 16 and was completed by Wednesday, July 23.  Daily delta migrations were completed for the remainder of the week.  Google migration activities for faculty and staff began at 8:30 pm on Friday.  The entire process completed around 5:00 am on Saturday.  Departmental resources were migrated on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Messages (IMAP and Exchange) succeeded/attempted: 123,483,262 / 123,703,254
    (2.5 times more messages than the last major migration on June 18)
  • Accuracy rate: 99.82%
  • Calendar events (Exchange) succeeded/attempted: 1,377,079 / 1,454,025
  • Accuracy rate: 94.71%

Transition Desk Summary
DateTransition Desk Tickets
Saturday, July 2876
Sunday, July 2940
Monday, July 30224

Google Guide Summary
Student Google Guides and ITS and Unit Staff Google Guides were on-site at 27 locations on Monday. The number of on-site support personnel ranged from one to four depending on the location and unit preference.

Nearly 100 faculty and staff were provided assistance by Google Guides. The topics of the support questions that were covered included:
  • Email: 77
  • Calendar: 50
  • Mobile device set-up: 28
  • Collaboration tools: 8

Executive Support Summary
As part of the roll-out, each unit identified executives and other key personnel that needed special face-to-face consulting as part of the roll-out.  Some units provided their own executive support; the project team provided Executive support for the following units:
  • Alumni Association
  • Development
  • Kinesiology
  • Health Management Research Center
  • Life Sciences Institute
  • LSA
  • Public Health
  • Undergraduate Admissions

Overall, the migration of data and the support of users went very smoothly this weekend.  The biggest issues that were faced included:
  • Events from some personal calendars did not migrate

The data from seven calendars did not migrate due to unknown migration issues. The data from one unit’s personal calendars did not migrate since these calendars were not on Exchange.

    • Corrective Action:  The calendars with unknown issues were re-migrated on Monday.  The data from the unit’s personal calendars were exported and then imported into the appropriate Google calendars.

  • Departmental accounts from two units did not migrate

After additional investigation, it was determined that the Exchange addresses were incorrect.

    • Corrective Action:  The units provided the correct Exchange addresses and the calendars are currently being re-migrated.

  • One unit’s departmental accounts did not migrate

It was determined that the Exchange addresses for these departmental accounts were incorrect.

    • Corrective Action:  The unit provided the correct Exchange addresses and these accounts are currently migrating.

  • Users with Med Affiliation needed approval to be moved out of restricted sub-org

Forty-four (44) people with a med affiliation could not be migrated to Google since approval had not been granted by the individual users to be moved out of the restricted sub-org.

    • Corrective Action:  For this phase, users need to provide approval for this move by August 1.  Then these users can be migrated in the mini-migration.  For the next phase, the list of users with a med affiliation has already been provided for review and approval prior to the migration.

  • Some Student Google Guides did not show up at various locations

Five students reported sick and did not show up at their appointed location to provide assistance to the units.  

    • Corrective Action:  For today, available project team members were re-deployed.  Also, for units that had multiple Student Google Guides, the Unit Readiness Coordinator was contacted to see if some of the students could be sent to other locations.  There were still some locations that did not have Student Google Guides and the units had to utilize Unit IT Staff and Staff Google Guides to provide on-site support.  For the rest of this phase and future phases, the Google Guide coordinator will contact the students that did not show up and make sure that they appear at the units for the rest of the week and for the next migration.

  • ISR and LSI migrations took longer than expected

Data migration for the Institute for Social Research and Life Sciences Institute was not completed by 8:00 am on Saturday.  A notice was sent to the Unit Readiness Coordinators on Saturday afternoon letting them know that the data migration had not completed although faculty and staff could access their Google email and calendar accounts.  

    • Corrective Action:  Both LSI and ISR have their own Exchange environments.  Additional investigation and analysis will be done in preparation for the upcoming August 20 migration to validate what needs to occur to assist with a timely migration.

Since there are no major or minor open issues, a Day Two report will not be sent.