Embed and update charts from Sheets in Docs and Slides

posted Jun 3, 2016, 5:29 AM by Amanda Hudeck

Many times, a chart is used across multiple documents and presentations. If there is a change to that chart, it can be very time-consuming to replace it in every file that uses it. To save time, you can now update your chart with a click—no need to leave your document or presentation. To enable this feature, go to Insert > Chart in Google Docs or Slides on the web. Insert a new chart or select From Sheets to add an existing chart from your spreadsheet. Check the Link to spreadsheet box and you’ll be given the option to update the chart with one click—as long as the underlying data in Google Sheets changes. If you no longer want to be notified of updates to a chart, you can unlink it. This is also available if you copy and paste a chart into a document or presentation.

Please note: The ability to import or update linked charts will only be available to collaborators with edit access to the document, presentation, or underlying spreadsheet.

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Tip: Did you know? You can split text separated by a comma (also known as delimited data) into several columns with Google Sheets.

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