A lot is changing as a result of the university’s decision to implement Google Apps for Education. As details are finalized for the migration dates, training plans, and account provisioning, they will be posted on this website. U-M and Google are working together to bring a wide array of Web-based tools to the university community with this NextGen Michigan Collaboration Project.

All of U-M will receive the collaboration tools, such as Google Docs and Sites. Ann Arbor students, many faculty and staff, and U-M Online Subscribers will switch to Google email and calendars, and their previously saved mail and calendar data will migrate with them. Due to various federal regulations that place restrictions on how sensitive regulated data is handled, a number of Ann Arbor groups—such as Health System Exchange users and some research units—will not migrate to Google email and calendar. 

UM-Dearborn is still evaluating the use of Google email and calendar. UM-Flint will not use Google email and calendaring at this time. Both will receive the Google collaboration tools following the Ann Arbor campus. Some general information about the collaboration suite is described below.

Features and Tools

The core suite of Google Apps for Education will provide over 40 tools to improve collaboration:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Docs: multi-user, concurrent editing of web-based documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and presentations
  • Sites: build and publish private (or public) web sites using a WYSIWYG editor or HTML
  • Contacts: quickly and easily add contacts
  • Chat: text and voice chat service

Additional services provided by Google will be activated with minimal or no formal support, including:

  • Blogger: publish and maintain blogs
  • Moderatorallows people to submit and vote on questions for lectures, talks, presentations and events.
  • Google+a social media tool that lets users create "circles" of contacts based on shared activities, relationships, or interests. It also provides a group video chat function called "hangouts" that can include up to 10 people at once.
There are no plans to activate Google Voice at this point. Ad revenue generating services such as DART, Doubleclick, Google Ads, etc. will not be deployed.