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iOS Delete Settings with Google Sync

When using Google Sync on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, certain actions in Gmail will have a different behavior than you're used to. For instance, when you "delete" a message from your Apple mobile device, the default action is that it will archive the message, NOT put it in the Trash as you might expect. (See Google's complete list of how actions taken on your device affect your Gmail interface when Sync is enabled.)

To truly delete the message, you must select Enable "Delete Email as Trash" for this device in your Google Sync settings:
  1. From the device, go to
  2. On the Google log in page, enter your full U-M email address in the username field. You do not need to enter a password on this page.
  3. Tap Sign In. You will be directed to Weblogin.
  4. Sign in with your uniqname and UMICH password.
  5. Select the device (usually your iPhone is the only device listed)

  1. Select Enable "Delete Email as Trash" for this device.