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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Installation tips


Install the tool from the product webpage.
  • Before installing, remove all existing profiles from Outlook on the computer. The tool will create a new profile during setup and can cause errors if other profiles exist.
  • During setup, you will be prompted to import from another profile. Do not select this option as previous profiles are not compatible with the sync tool.
  • The sync can be configured for the amount of mail synced to the local machine. Do not select more than 1GB of mail to be synced if possible as sync times increase greatly with each increment.
    • Important note: Once a higher level of synced mail is chosen, you cannot lower the amount of mail to be synced.
    • If the amount of mail to be synced needs to be lowered, the existing profile has to be deleted and a new profile created and the initial sync performed again.
  • The initial sync will take a very long time, often more than 5 hours. Plan accordingly and brief the user prior to beginning the initial sync.
  • Mark the "Always use this profile" option so user isn't prompted to choose a Profile when Outlook starts.


  • Auto-fill (look ahead) does not work in Outlook
  • Deleting events in Inbox is equivalent to declining the invitation. If a Google Apps Sync user deletes an invitation, the event organizer receives a decline. 

What's Not Supported


  • Sort by Date, size, sender
  • Offline mail
  • Name display isn't First name
  • Reply and Forward indicators


  • Speed and performance
  • Rules, Categories, and Signatures do not sync to Google
  • Message recalls do not work
  • Cannot compose messages in Rich Text

Google Support Links

Issues related to Outlook

  • Downloading attachments, users cannot uncheck the Always ask checkbox