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Configuring Apple Mail

Initial Setup (All Versions of Mac OS X)

Autodiscover in Apple Mail will populate the correct settings. If this is the first account being added to Apple Mail, skip to step 4. This process will also allow configuration of Calendar with your M+Google account. ITS highly recommends upgrading to OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) if you intend to use Calendar. 
  1. From Apple Mail, open the File menu, then choose Preferences. 
  2. Choose the Accounts tab. 
  3. Click the + button. The Add Account window opens.
  4. Enter your full name, full email address, and your UM password.
  5. Click Create. 
  6. On the Account Summary page, click Create. 

Your UM Google account is added to Apple Mail and mail begins to download. Note that the initial download of mail can take a long time. 

If you have multiple mail accounts configured in Apple Mail, you may need to configure the outgoing mail server for your UM Google account. This will ensure that sent mail will be in your UM Google account. Note: Before following the instructions below, you may need to change your settings per Allowing less secure apps to access your account
  1. From Apple Mail, open the File menu, then choose Preferences.
  2. Choose the Accounts tab.
  3. Select the Google IMAP account. 
  4. On the Account Information tab, from the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop-down list, choose

Limitations When Using Apple Mail 

  • Multiple labels can be applied to a message, but the message has to be copied to each folder.
  • Performance may be slow
  • Google limits the rate at which messages can be downloaded to a maximum of 1 message per second. Depending on your network connection and size of messages, your actual rate may be slower.
  • Priority Inbox is not available.
  • Importance markers are not available. 

Troubleshooting Information

This information may be needed for troubleshooting. 

Incoming server:
Outgoing serer:

Username: <uniqname>
Password: <Kerberos password>

Outgoing server configuration

If the user has multiple email accounts in Mail, the outgoing server may be configured incorrectly. If the user is complaining of sent mail not showing in their Sent Mail label, messages may be going out from the wrong SMTP server (likely the old IMAP servers).

To verify:
  1. Open Mail preferences (File > Preferences).
  2. Choose the correct account. If they auto-configured, it's likely named " Google IMAP". 
  3. Check the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) dropdown. It should be set to a configuration. 
If the user had previous umich account in Mail, there could be multiple outgoing umich servers. To see which one is which, open the dropdown list and then choose Edit SMTP Server List at the bottom. There will be a window with all of the outgoing servers listed. If you find one for or similar, have them remove the entry from this list as server will cease functioning in the future. 

Find the outgoing server with AND that has their credentials on the corresponding Advanced tab. This is the correct outgoing SMTP server to use.

Disable All Mail Label

If at all possible, disabled the All Mail label for IMAP connections. This will greatly speed up the client and prevent a long-running thread from starting, pulling every message in All Mail.

To disable All Mail in IMAP:
  1. On the user's Mail account via the Web, open Mail Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Labels tab.
  3. In line with the All Mail label, clear the Show in IMAP checkbox.