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Admissions Scheduling Process

The School of Dentistry Office of Admissions is utilizing Google Apps Script, Google Drive, Google Sites and Google Mail as part of their admissions scheduling process.

Business Needs/Situation

The Office of Admissions schedules ten day-long interviews with 30 candidates and 30 interviewers for each interview date.


Scheduling the interview was historically very resource-intensive and becoming burdensome for faculty, staff, and the candidates. For example, because the process was conducted mostly via email, the delay between offering a candidate an open interview slot and the candidate responding would often result in scheduling snafus, including candidates arriving for an interview for which they were not scheduled. The confusing system often required staff to reschedule candidates individually, sometimes more than once. This same email process was used to schedule faculty, staff and student interviewers.

Prior Solution

To maintain the level of interaction that the school wanted, the process of scheduling these interviews required staff to email and call each candidate many times, resulting in lots of back and forth with candidates. Similar level of interaction with faculty, staff and student interviewers.


Using a combination of Sheets, Apps Script, and Mail, the School of Dentistry created a real-time scheduling assistant to augment their existing business processes. The scheduling assistant:
  • Gets real-time scheduling information to candidates, showing them the next available date for interviews. This resulted in a significant decline in the number of scheduling conflicts.
  • Faculty, staff, and student interviewers are emailed a form from which they can choose interview dates.


School of Dentistry informatics staff configured many of the functions as Google Apps Scripts attached to a Google Sheet. They also used Google Forms for data collection. These Forms were then embedded into Google Sites, maintaining the school's branding and identity information.


  • Candidates visit a Google Site registration page and complete the embedded Google Form via a desktop or mobile browser. Candidates are sent a confirmation email once they have registered.
  • Interviewers visit a Google Site registration page where they can select times for which they are available. They choose what type of interviewer they are and then select times they can conduct interviews from a range of dates.


  • Greatly reduced scheduling time for candidates
  • Students successfully reserve their interview time more quickly due to the availability of real-time data
  • Large reduction in the need for manual processing for scheduling, system is now paper-less
  • Significant reduction in time-consuming back and forth to resolve scheduling conflicts
  • Immediate confirmation of schedules to candidates
  • Staff can easily and quickly confirm the recipient and delivery of scheduling confirmation messages
  • Less stress and frustration for everyone involved in the interview process