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Google Spreadsheet Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows

To access menus:
Menu Name Shortcut for Chrome Shortcut for Internet Explorer or Firefox
Open File menu Alt+F Alt+Shift+F
Open Edit menu Alt+E Alt+Shift+E
Open View menu Alt+V Alt+Shift+V
Open Insert menu Alt+I Alt+Shift+I
Open Format menu Alt+O Alt+Shift+O
Open Data menu Alt+D Alt+Shift+D
Open Forms menu Alt+M Alt+Shift+M
Open Tools menu Alt+T Alt+Shift+T
Open Help menu Alt+H Alt+Shift+H
Open any submenu Press the underlined letter in the menu; e.g., press S to insert a new sheet. Press the underlined letter in the menu; e.g., press S to insert a new sheet.
Show context menu  Ctrl+Shift+\ Ctrl+Shift+\
Show sheet list Alt+Shift+K Alt+Shift+K
Display sheet menu Alt+Shift+S Alt+Shift+S
To edit a spreadsheet:
Action Shortcut
Undo Ctrl+Z
Insert time Ctrl+Shift+:
Insert date Ctrl+;
Fill range Ctrl+Enter
Fill down Ctrl+D
Fill right Ctrl+R
Insert/edit comment Shift+F2
Redo Ctrl+Y
Edit a cell F2 or Enter
Ignore changes Escape


To navigate within a spreadsheet or between spreadsheets: 
Action Shortcut
Move among cells    Up, down, left, and right arrow keys
Move to the next cell that has data Ctrl+any arrow key
Move up within a selected range Shift+Enter
Move down within a selected range Enter
Move left within a selected range Shift+Tab
Move right within a selected range Tab
Move to start of row Home
Move to beginning of sheet Ctrl+Home
Move to end of row End
Move to end of sheet Ctrl+End
Move to next sheet Ctrl+Shift+PageDown
Move to previous sheet Ctrl+Shfit+PageUp
Scroll to active cell Ctrl+Backspace


To format a spreadsheet: 
Action Shortcut
Bold  Ctrl+B
Underline Ctrl+U
Italic Ctrl+I
Strikethrough Alt+Shift+5
Add outer border Alt+Shift+7
Add right border Alt+Shift+2
Add left border Alt+Shift+4
Remove borders Alt+Shift+6
Format number as currency Ctrl+Shift+4
Format number as percentage Ctrl+Shift+5
Format number as exponent Ctrl+Shift+6
Format number as date Ctrl+Shift+3
Format number as time Ctrl+Shift+2
Format number as decimal Ctrl+Shift+1


To select and insert text within a spreadsheet: 
Action Shortcut
Select column (does not work in Firefox or Internet Explorer) Ctrl+Space
Select row Shift+Space
Select all Ctrl+Shift+Space
Select a range of cells Shift+arrow keys
Select active region (does not work in Firefox or Internet Explorer) Ctrl+Shift+8
Insert array formula Ctrl+Shift+Enter


Miscellaneous commands: 
Action Shortcut
Chat Shift+Esc
Add new sheet Shift+F11
Find & replace Ctrl+F
Save Ctrl+S
Open Ctrl+O
Make a copy Ctrl+Shift+S
Print Ctrl+P
Show all formulas Ctrl+` (accent mark, not apostrophe)
Show/hide controls (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+F
Open documentation in a new window Shift+F1
Show shortcuts help in a popup window Ctrl+/


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