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Google Maps Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows and Mac


Note: In Chrome, arrow keys may not work as described. See the bottom of the page for information about contacting Google to request a fix. 

Move north by small increments Up arrow
Move south by small increments Down arrow
Move west by small increments Left arrow
Move east by small increments Right arrow
Move north by large increments Page Up
Move south by large increments Page Down
Move west by large increments Home
Move east by large increments End
Zoom in +
Zoom out -

Street View

Action Shortcut
Rotate 45 degrees in counter-clockwise direction a
Rotate 45 degrees in clockwise direction d
Look up towards the sky w
Look down towards the road s
Zoom in +
Zoom out -

Your Input

If you wish to contact Google directly, we recommend using their accessibility feedback form or joining the Accessibility Google Group.