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Google Drawings Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows

Moving/grouping commands:
Action Shortcut
Move a gridline Up, Down, Left, or Right arrow
Move a pixel Shift+Up, Down, Left, or Right arrow
Move object over the object that currently overlaps it (=Move up in Z-order) Ctrl+Up arrow
Move object under the object it currently overlaps (=Move down in Z-order) Ctrl+Down arrow
Move object to the top of Z-order Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow
Move object to the bottom of Z-order Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow
Group selected objects Ctrl+G
Ungroup selected objects Ctrl+Shift+G


To control selected objects: 
Action Shortcut
Delete to clipboard Ctrl+X
Copy to clipboard Ctrl+C
Paste from clipboard Ctrl+V
Duplicate selected object(s) Ctrl+D
Delete selected object(s) Delete or Backspace


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