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Google Drawings Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows

This is a list of Drawings specific commands. For the latest full list of these and other commands that will work in Drawings, see and activate the PC shortcuts button. (If you are a keyboard-only user, note that the PC button will not gain visible focus. When you do get to the button, pressing Enter will expand and contract the list.)

Moving/grouping commands:
Action Shortcut
Select all object(s) Ctrl+A
Deselect all object(s) Ctrl+Shift+A
Move object over the object that currently overlaps it (=Move up in Z-order) Ctrl+Up arrow
Move object under the object it currently overlaps (=Move down in Z-order) Ctrl+Down arrow
Move object to the top of Z-order Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow
Move object to the bottom of Z-order Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow
Group selected objects Ctrl+G
Ungroup selected objects Ctrl+Shift+G
Duplicate selected objects  
Select next shape  
Select previous shape
Move selected object
Arrow keys
Move selected object by one pixel at a time  
Shift+arrow key
Rotate counterclockwise by 1 degree    
Alt+Shift+Left arrow
Rotate clockwise by 1 degree   
Alt+Shift+Right arrow
Rotate counterclockwise by 15 degrees   
Alt+Left arrow
Rotate clockwise by 15 degrees   
Alt+Right arrow
Resize larger horizontally  
Resize larger vertically
Resize larger
Resize smaller horizontally
Resize smaller vertically
Resize smaller
Exit crop mode
Insert shape, line, or arrow onto canvas
Copy formatting of selected object(s) Ctrl+Alt+C
Paste formatting to selected object(s) Ctrl+Alt+V
Delete selected object(s) Delete
Close drawing editor
Ctrl+Esc or Shift+Esc

Menu commands:
Note: If these commands are used to access the menus, each menu item will have an underlined letter. The letter key may then be activated to access the menu item. If the menus are accessed in any other way, the underlined letters will not appear.
Note: In some cases, these shortcuts will conflict with browser shortcuts (e.g., activating Alt+Shift+F may bring up the file menu in your browser rather than in Drawings). You may need to activate the shortcut more than once for it to work in Drawings.

Action Shortcut
Context menu (right-click)
Ctrl+Shift+\ or Ctrl+Shift+X
File menu
Alt+F (Chrome); Alt+Shift+F (other browsers)
Edit menu
Alt+E (Chrome); Alt+Shift+E (other browsers)
View menu
Alt+V (Chrome); Alt+Shift+V (other browsers)
Insert menu
Alt+I (Chrome); Alt+Shift+I (other browsers)
Format menu
Alt+O (Chrome); Alt+Shift+O (other browsers)
Arrange menu
Alt+A (Chrome); Alt+Shift+A (other browsers)
Tools menu
Alt+T (Chrome); Alt+Shift+T (other browsers)
Table menu
Alt+B (Chrome); Alt+Shift+B (other browsers)
Help menu
Alt+H (Chrome); Alt+Shift+H (other browsers)

Navigation commands:
Action Shortcut
Zoom in
Ctrl+Alt+Plus (+)
Zoom out
Ctrl+Alt+Minus (-)
Move to canvas
Move to top of application
Open research tool
Define selected word in research tool
Open revision history panel  
Move to next change in current revision
Ctrl+Alt+N then Ctrl+Alt+R
Move to previous change in current revision
Ctrl+Alt+P then Ctrl+Alt+R
Move focus to popup (links, bookmarks, and images)
Ctrl+Alt+E then Ctrl+Alt+P
Play selected video
Open chat inside the document

Action Shortcut
Insert comment
Enter current comment
Ctrl+Alt+E, then Ctrl+Alt+C
Move to next comment
Ctrl+Alt+N, then Ctrl+Alt+C
Move to previous comment
Ctrl+Alt+P, then Ctrl+Alt+C
When focus is on comment, move to next comment
When focus is on comment, move to previous comment K
When focus is on comment, reply to comment
When focus is on comment, resolve comment
Open comment discussion thread

Miscellaneous commands:
Action Shortcut
Show common keyboard shortcuts
Enable screen reader support
Ctrl+Alt+Z or Alt+Shift+~
Speak selection (with screen reader on)
Announce formatting at cursor location (with screen reader on)
Ctrl+Alt+A, then Ctrl+Alt+F

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