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Google Documents Keyboard Shortcuts - Mac

To access menus:
Menu Name Shortcut for Chrome Shortcut for Safari or Firefox
Open File menu Option+F Option+Shift+F
Open Edit menu Option+E Option+Shift+E
Open View menu Option+V Option+Shift+V
Open Insert menu Option+I Option+Shift+I
Open Format menu Option+O Option+Shift+O
Open Tools menu Option+T Option+Shift+T
Open Table menu Option+B Option+Shift+B
Open Help menu Option+H Option+Shift+H
Show context menu +Shift+\ +Shift+\
Show list of shortcuts +/ +/
To select and edit text within a document: 
Action Shortcut
Insert comment +Option+M
Select all +A
Copy +C
Print +P (does not work in Internet Explorer)
Save +S
Paste +V
Cut +X
Undo +Z
Redo +Y
Insert footnote +Option+F
Insert link +K


To format highlighted text within a document: 
Action Shortcut
Bold +B
Underline    +U
Italic +I
Strikethrough Option+Shift+5
Superscript   +.
Subscript +,
Copy formatting +Option+C
Apply copied formatting +Option+V
Clear formatting +\
Normal paragraph style +Option+0
Header style 1 +Option+1
Header style 2 +Option+2
Header style 3 +Option+3
Header style 4 +Option+4
Header style 5 +Option+5
Header style 6 +Option+6


To format paragraphs within a document: 
Action Shortcut
Left alignment    +Shift+L
Center alignment +Shift+E
Right alignment    +Shift+R
Justify +Shift+J
Numbered list +Shift+7
Bulleted list +Shift+8
Increase paragraph indentation Tab
Decrease paragraph indentation Shift+Tab
Move paragraph up     +Shift+Up arrow
Move paragraph down +Shift+Down arrow


To navigate within a document: 
Action Shortcut
Move to header +Option+O, then +Option+H
Move to footer +Option+O, then +Option+F
Move to next heading +Option+N, then +Option+H
Move to previous heading +Option+P, then +Option+H
Move to next heading by number (1-6) +Option+N, then +Option+(number)
Move to previous heading by number (1-6) +Option+P, then +Option+(number)
Move to current footnote +Option+F, then +Option+E
Move to next misspelling +;



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