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Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts - Mac

To navigate within a calendar: 
Action Shortcut
Go to previous time period    k or p
Go to next time period j or n
Refresh the page r
Go to today's view t


To change views within a calendar: 
Action Shortcut
Day view     1 or d
Week view 2 or w
Month view 3 or m
Custom view 4 or x
Agenda view 5 or a


To manage events within a calendar: 
Action Shortcut
Create event     c
Event details e
Delete event Backspace or Delete
Undo last action (if possible) +z


Miscellaneous commands: 
Action Shortcut
Search /
Focus on the "Add a Calendar" text box Shift+=
Quick Add an event q
Print +p
Settings s
Open shortcut help +? or ?



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