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Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows

It is necessary to be in the Agenda view of Google Calendar for some of these shortcuts to work. To get to this view, press the "5" or "a" key.
 To navigate within a calendar: 
Action Shortcut
Go to previous time period    k or p
Go to next time period j or n
Refresh the page r
Go to today's view t
Return to calendar grid from event details page Esc


To change views within a calendar: 
Action Shortcut
Day view     1 or d
Week view 2 or w
Month view 3 or m
Custom view 4 or x
Agenda view 5 or a


To manage events within a calendar: 
Action Shortcut
Create event     c
View event details e
Delete event Backspace or Delete
Undo last action (if possible) Ctrl+Z or z


Miscellaneous commands: 
Action Shortcut
Save event on event details page Ctrl+S
Move cursor to Search box /
Move focus to the "Add a Calendar" text box Shift+= or +
Quick Add an event q
Print Ctrl+P
Settings s
Open shortcut help Ctrl+? or ?



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