Program 2017

8:30     Registration

9:00    Welcome by Dr. Dale Thomson, Chair of Department of Social Sciences

Session 1:  GIS in Urban Context 

139 Square Miles - Edward Lynch (Detroit Future City )
    9:35   GIS and Information Challenges - Laura Lyons (DataDrivenDetroit)
Reclaiming Community Spaces Through Environmental Design: Telling the Story of Revitalization in Flint - Michigan Laney Rupp and Joe Alberts Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center, UM Ann Arbor)

Session 2: GIS in Public Health and Safety

 10:30   Challenges of Creating GIS Infrastructure for Public Safety - Stephen Lemoreaux (Detroit Police Department) and Frank Romo (Department of Innovation and Technology)
10:50   Your Health, Mapped - Haifa Haroon (Detroit Health Department) 
 11:10   How hard is it to put a pin on a map?  Frank Murphy (Brotherhood Mutual)
 11:30   GISP Certification & Augmented Reality Applications - Michael Cousins and Patrick Gross (OHM Advisors) 

(attendees are invited to purchase lunch in the food court in the UC and enjoy their lunch while attending the presentation by the Michigan State Police)  

12:30 - 1:15     Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Law Enforcement (Nikkia Anderson - Michigan State Police)


Session 3: GIS and GPS Applications

 1:30   Where is GIS used? Examples from Archaeology to Zoology - Peter A. Knoop (LS&A, UM Ann Arbor)
 1:50   Using GIS for Operational Maintenance at the Michigan Department of Transportation Joseph Bartus, Jasna Cehaja, Jacob Scott, and Nicole Bowman (MDOT Metro Region Road Maintenance Division)
 2:10   Integrating Utility and Financial Databases Brian McElroy (Hubbell, Roth, and Clark)                   
NGS NATRF2022 coordinates in MDOT CORS; How will this affect your coordinates? Shawn Roy (MDOT & NGS State Geodetic Coordinator)


Session 4: GIS in Environmental Applications


  Applications of GIS for Environmentally Related Planning and Decision Making - Lisa Denys (Great Lakes Commission)
 3:25   Using GIS to interpret the Rouge River Watershed Sally Petrella and Matthew Bertrand (Friends of the Rouge)
 3:45   Object-Based Image Analysis for Updating Wetland Inventories in the Great Lakes Region; A Semi-Automated Approach Mathew Halliday (Ducks Unlimited)