About the GIS Community of Practice

This purpose of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Community of Practice is to provide a venue for members of the campus community to share information, experiences, and ideas around GIS topics. We meet periodically for a presentation and discussion of broad general interest, and to provide a face-to-face forum for general knowledge sharing and networking with ones' GIS peers within the broader U-M community.

A wide variety of software and technology are used around the University to work with spatial data, such as, Esri, ArcGIS, QGIS, Google, Tableau, MapInfo, MapIT, iGIS, Qualtrics, ENVI, ERDAS, Imagine, eCognition, lastools, Agisoft, R, Matlab, Microsoft Office, Adobe CC, and many more... All are welcome in this GIS Community of Practice!

Upcoming Meetings
  • Spring/Summer 2018 or Fall 2018?
Previous Meetings

What can I expect: Semesterly meetings of general interest to those interested in GIS, with the potential for additional presentations and meetings for subtopics, as organized by the community.

MCommunity Group (spatial.gis@umich.edu
Members of the GIS Community of Practice use the spatial.gis@umich.edu mail list to share and discuss relevant topics between meetings. Message volume averages 2-3 emails a week.

Membership in the group is self-managed through
Mcommunity After logging in with your umich account, look for "Join Group" near the top-left. You can also leave or resign from the group from here as well. (Managing Your Membership in MCommunity Directory Groups)

Community Facilitators (gis-cop-facilitators@umich.edu)
Peter Knoop (LSA IT - Advocacy and Research Support) 
Nicole Scholtz (University of Michigan Library)
Jason Tallant (University of Michigan Biological Station)

Esri Development Center
The University of Michigan became an Esri Development Center (EDC) in January 2018.
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