Key Experiences

VenezuelaChange in Perspective

I come from a pretty diverse background. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, a city that is composed of a mixture of races, cultures and religions. I have met and become friends with a whole variety of people, with different backgrounds, so for me cultural diversity was natural, I took it for granted. However, when I started classes at the University of Michigan, I found a different reality. In my UC 170: Making the Most of Michigan, I met people who were discovering new cultures for the first time in college. This definitely change my perspective, since I realized not everyone had the same opportunity as me to be familiar with so many different social identities. Therefore, now I appreciate more my cultural background and, at the same time, I am more understanding of people with different experiences.

Always help someone. You might be the only one that does.
Intervening for Someone

I believe that a key characteristic of a leader is to be able to integrate a group of people together. This is not always an easy task, in particular, if there is any type of bias from part of the group against an individual. As the older brother of two siblings, I understand this situation, since me and my contemporary brother not always wanted to be with our younger sister. However, having siblings taught me key lessons to foster a climate of inclusiveness within a group, which has allowed me to integrate even in the tougher situations. Every time I am with a group of people, I do everything I can to make everyone feel part of the group, inviting others to join the conversation and intervening when someone tries to exclude others.