We are hiring! The Ferrario lab seeks graduate and post graduate trainees interested in the neurobiology of motivation, glutamatergic plasticity, addiction and obesity.

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Pictured left to right top: Amanda Catalfio , Limmy Kim, Yanaira Alonso Caraballo, Carrie Ferrario, Rachel Springsdorf, Emma Bergman, Sophia Dulap; Bottom row: Jacob Ormes, Julie Finnell, Allison Nieto, Tracy Fetterly.

Research Overview:

Our goal is to understand the neuro-biological mechanisms that contribute to over-eating, obesity and drug addiction. We focus on identifying and understanding alterations in excitatory transmission and plasticity within the brain's "reward pathway" that contribute to these conditions. To accomplish this, we use a variety of approaches including behavioral pharmacology, biochemistry, and slice electrophysiology.

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The Ferrario lab is part of:

The Department of Pharmacology: https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/pharmacology

The Neuroscience Graduate Program: http://neuroscience.med.umich.edu/

The Michigan Diabetes Research Center: http://diabetesresearch.med.umich.edu/

Current Funding:

R01DK106188: Alterations in Motivated Behavior in Rodent Models of Obesity awarded by NIH-NIDDK; 2015-2021

R01DK115526: Effects of insulin on NAc excitatory transmission and motivation for food awarded by NIH-NIDDK; 2018-2021

R01DA044204: Animal models of Addiction awarded by NIH-NIDA; 2018-2023 Co-I: Carrie Ferrario, PI: Terry Robinson

T32DA07268: Biology of Drug Addiction from NIH-NIDA; Co-I: Carrie Ferrario, PI: John Traynor

Past Funding:

R21DA045277: Exploring the link between reactive oxygen species and CP-AMPAR up-regulation in addiction awarded by NIH-NIDA; 2018-2020; Co-I: Carrie Ferrario, Co-I: Travis Brown



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