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Welcome to the U-M residency curriculum in integrative medicine (IM) module on treating depression. As you may know, depression is an extremely common complaint seen in primary care, and standard treatment options are often less effective or less poorly tolerated than desired. In this module, we will talk about treatment options for depression that can be used alone or in combination with medications such as selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). This is important information because many patients with depression do not want to take medication but believe this is their only option.

This module is also for U-M Department of Family Medicine Residents on the BCM rotation.

Components of the unit include:
  • Overview of commonly used integrative approaches
  • Discussion of treatment benefits, indications, and contraindications
  • Prescription guidance for supplements and behavioral treatments
  • Resource materials for patients
  • Demonstration videos highlighting common behavioral techniques
  • A review of when emergency and non-IM interventions are indicated
  • Additional resources for physicians
  • Links to further references

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Note: This module was originally developed by U-M Department of Family Medicine integrative medicine fellow, John S. Stracks, M.D., in 2009. It is maintained by faculty member, Amy B. Locke, M.D. Last updated: May 2013.

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