09/25 Crespi on autism

Where Darwin Meets Freud: Evolutionary Biology and the Genetics of Autism, Psychosis, and the Social Brain
Bernard Crespi, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
Tuesday Sept 25 at 4 PM in 1755 School of Public Health  Refreshments at 3:45 PM.
This room is in the old (north) SPH building, take hallway to the left.
Abstract:  I integrate evidence from evolutionary biology, human genetics, psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience to  develop and test hypotheses for the causes and manifestations of human mental disorders that centrally  involve social interaction. A primary hypothesis addressed focuses on   autism spectrum and psychotic-affective spectrum disorders as opposite   (diametric) sets of conditions, mediated by under-development versus   over-development of human-specific social brain phenotypes. This   hypothesis is evaluated using data from the literature and from our   recent studies of how schizophrenia and autism risk alleles influence   performance for verbal, visual-spatial, and other salient skills in   non-clinical populations. This approach, and our results, have direct   implications for the origins, maintenance, genetic causes, diagnosis,   and treatment of autism spectrum and psychotic-affective spectrum
Crespi is a University of Michigan graduate who is the most productive and provocative evolutionary geneticist working on mental disorders. His talks at UM will focus on his hypothesis that autism and schizophrenia are flip sides of the same Trivers/Haig coin involving competition between maternal and paternal genomes using imprinting to advance their own representation in future generations. 
Crespi will also give a talk Tuesday 9/25 at Noon in Room 2009 at the Ruthven Mueseum for the EEB lunch seminar: Evolutionary-ecological tradeoffs in human cognition 
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