11/20 Turke and Weder on Medicine

Nov 20   How understanding evolution changes research and clinical practice
Two special presentations by University of Michigan clinician/researcher physicians about how understanding evolution has (and has not) changed their approaches to research and practice
Tuesday November 20th at 4 pm in Room 1755 SPH I 

Paul Turke, MD, PhD Department of Pediatrics, University of Michigan 
Breaking the barriers to Darwinian pediatrics
Dr. Turke is a well known evolutionary anthropologist 
who has been practicing pediatrics for the past 20 years 
while also pursuing research on aging. 
His book on evolutionary foundations for pediatrics is in preparation. 

Alan Weder, MD, Department of Medicine, University of Michigan
Darwinian Medicine in theory and practice
Dr. Weder is a Professor of Internal Medicine at UM, and 
 co-Director of the Vascular Medicine Program in Cardiology. 
 His research has been on hypertension, and 
he has taught courses on evolution and medicine at UM.