11/06 Natterson on Zoobuiquity

 4 PM Tuesday November 6 in SPH I 1755 
Barbara Natterson
Professor of Medicine, UCLA Division of Cardiology, Director, Zoobiquity Research Initiative at UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Co-director of the UCLA Evolution and Medicine Program. 

Zoobiquity: What 200 Million Years of Congestive Heart Failure, Brain Tumors, and Separation Anxiety Can Teach Us About Contemporary Human Health

If you missed her on Good Morning America and on NPR, come hear her live!

Abstract: Zoobiquity considers human medical and psychiatric concerns through the lens of veterinary science and evolutionary biology. It connects breast cancer in a high school teacher and to the same tumor in a Venezuelan jaguar; ventricular tachycardia in a middle aged man and cardiac arrest a frightened flamingo, and self-injury (“ cutting”) in a lonely teenager to flank-biting in an isolated stallion. Recognizing the tremendous overlap in disorders of humans and animals underscores the species-spanning nature of illness and points to our deep evolutionary connectedness with animals with whom we share our planet.