Alumni have a bigger impact than they may think

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posted Sep 14, 2016, 4:54 PM by Eric Sadek

The benefits of establishing alumni mentoring programs are enormous. Students have the prospect to talk and visit with professionals who were once students in their shoes. They have the chance to ask questions, understand their work as well as learning about a certain company. Alumni mentors can “provide career guidance and encouragement during the sessions. Students then can ask about advice on important course and field work, and opportunities to make professional contacts” In addition, students build stronger connections to the institution through interaction with alumni. Today, many students are studying “vocational” curricula in which networking is key and previous experience is necessary. Mentoring provides both of these important opportunities, as well as many other benefits.


 Students are not the only ones to benefit from student/alumni mentoring programs. Such programs give alumni an important opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater. Often alumni want to become involved in activities that further promote and serve the university, and being a mentor allows them to become involved. Mentoring programs also provide alumni who are not able to make substantial financial contributions the chance to give something other than a donation to their alma mater. These programs give alumni the opportunity to cultivate and recruit promising young people to their place of employment after graduation.

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