Welcome to the Electronic Middle East Sourcebook!

EMES was one of two projects developed under the auspices of the National Endowment of the Humanities.  The other is a collection of annotated documents in translation to be published by Oxford University Press.  EMES is a peer-reviewed electronic publication that seeks to bridge the gap between research and pedagogy in Middle East Studies.  The editors are Camron Michael Amin at The University of Michigan-Dearborn, Benjamin C. Fortna at SOAS, The University of London and Elizabeth B. Frierson at The University of Cincinnati.

The documents here are presented in the same thematic categories as the printed collection:

State and Society
Gender and Society
Press, Media and Society
Religion and Society
Views of the World
Redefining Tradition
Economic Change

The texts are searchable and PDF versions can be downloaded and utilized for free.  No permission is granted to reproduce these documents for commercial use.  We want our colleagues and their students to freely circulate and discuss these documents as part of their study of Middle Eastern history.  More documents will be made available over time, and, we plan to include audio-visual material as well.

If you are a Middle East specialist wishing to be published in EMES, please click on “Submissions” for information on submission procedures and general guidelines in preparing your piece.