quantitative earthquake and lithosphere dynamics

Eric A Hetland
Associate Professor
Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Michigan

PhD 2006, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS 1999, State University of New York, Binghamton
BS 1996, University of California, Santa Cruz
The research in the Quantitative Earthquake and lithospheric Dynamics (QED@UM) group is broadly concerned with the deformation of the crust and uppermost mantle: earthquake mechanics, dynamics of the earthquake cycle & the lithosphere. There are currently opportunities for undergraduate students in scientific computing and mathematical analysis. Our group is part of the Geophysics Group at UM and we have close collaborations with the Tectonics and Structural Geology group.
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lab - 4512 CC Little Building
phone - 734.615.3177
fax - 734.763.4690
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Eric Hetland
2534 CC Little Building
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