E. Han Kim
Everett E. Berg Professor of Business Administration
Director, Mitsui Life Financial Research Center
Director, East Asia Management Development Center
Stephen M. Ross School of Business
701 Tappan Street, R4396
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

734.764.2282 | ehkim@umich.edu

Full CV (pdf)
My current research activity is concentrated on corporate governance and labor issues. In the area of corporate governance, my research encompasses many different aspects concerning the two main governing bodies of corporations—CEOs and boards of directors. I study issues such as (1) how CEO connectedness with top executives and directors affects corporate frauds and their detection, (2) how industry experienced directors affect firm performance, (3) how the dynamics between the board and CEO lead to an inverse relation in independence between the board and the executive suite, and (4) how CEO ownership stake influences firm performance and risk taking. In addition, I study how the strength of governance is related to stock market reactions to seasoned equity offerings in the U.S. and the efficiency of the use of proceeds from equity offerings in China.

My research on labor issues also is related to governance, as I conduct research on (1) how employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) affect employee compensation, shareholder value, and worker productivity, (2) how labor participation in governance (via the German codetermination law) helps implement implicit worker employment insurance contracts, and (3) how union laws affect the efficacy of corporate restructuring decisions around the world, and (4) how elite universities had favorable effects on individual research productivity in the 1970's but the effects disappeared in the 1990's due to the advances in information technology, which provide scholars in remote places access to the forefront of research.