Teaching and Mentoring

Center for Engineering Diversity & Outreach (CEDO) Peer Mentor
(Sept. 2016 - Apr. 2018)
~ Shared academic insight with protégé to help him succeed academically.
~ Assisted protégé with setting developmental goals for each semester.
~ Introduced protégé to useful campus resources.
~ Provided advice on maintaining balance life while transitioning to university life.
~ Acted as a role model and encourage protégé to improve his academic performance.

Guest Lecturer
~ AEROSP325 (Fall): Undergraduate Aerodynamics.
~ AEROSP423 (Winter): Undergraduate Computational Methods for Aerospace Engineering.

Graduate Student Instructor for AEROSP325-Undergraduate Aerodynamics
(Sept. 2015 - Dec. 2015)
Student review: 4.63/5.00
~ Held office hours to help students understand lecture material, tackle homework problems, and prepare for exams.
~ Proofread homework solutions provided by the professor.
~ Helped with grading homework when necessary and handled regrade requests.
~ Lectured in place of the professor when the professor was traveling.

GradDay Student Pannel
(Mar. 2015)
~ Shared graduate student experiences to new incoming graduate students.
~ Informed new incoming graduate students about university resources, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Peer Advisor
(Aug. 2010 – Apr. 2011)

~ Designed bi-weekly seminars and field trips for UROP engineering group to help students finding their specific field of interest in engineering, introduce them to the research community, and enrich their research experience.
~ Helped UROP students to find a research project and use university resources so that they could succeed in their freshman/ sophomore year in the University of Michigan.
~ Acted as a liaison between students and research sponsors when problems arouse.

“Build Your Own Rover” Workshop
(Jan. 2010 – Apr. 2010)

~ Created a “Build Your Own Rover” booklet to guide K-12 students in building a rover.
~ Led an electrical workshop to help K-12 students to build the electrical system of their rovers.

KUMON Mathematics Roadshow
(May 2007 - Jul. 2007)
~ Motivated KUMON students in Jakarta (K-12 students to high school) to learn more about mathematics.

Teaching and mentoring have been my passion for a long time. In addition to formal, organized teaching and mentoring experiences I mentioned above, I also had experience advising and tutoring students ranging from elementary to undergraduates from various institutions. I have had great mentors and teachers along my journey, and I would like to do the same for others.