AE 201: Aerospace Seminar (Instructor, Fall 2019)
This course is designed for sophomores who are interested in majoring and/or pursuing a career in aerospace engineering. As the first introductory aerospace engineering course, this course aims to give a broad overview of the field and the undergraduate curriculum, to equip students with basic engineering and job search skills, and to inform students about professional development opportunities and possible career paths. Topics covered in this course include brief aerospace history, aircraft and space flight fundamentals, engineering design and problem solving methods, and job application and interview preparation. Instead of focusing on the mathematical details, this course emphasizes on the conceptual ideas in order to help students build appreciation and intuition towards mathematical models and concepts involved in the study of flight. Through homework and in-class activities, students will get hands-on engineering experiences and have the opportunity to develop skills necessary for their academic and career success. A series of short lectures/talks and typed notes are provided to complement student’s learning experience. After taking this course, students will be able to select their area of interest within the aerospace engineering field, develop basic engineering and job search skills, and understand the complexity of aerospace systems and the importance of mathematics and sciences.

AE 210: Professional Topics (Individual Section Instructor, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)
This course covers topics relating to professional responsibility, communications, and organizations. As an individual section instructor, my focus is on helping students on my section to improve their writing and presentation skills to meet college-level standard. A handbook on writing and presentation best practices and detailed feedback on assignments are provided.


Guest Lecturer
~ AEROSP 225 (Winter 2018): Undergraduate Introduction to Gas Dynamics.
~ AEROSP 325 (Fall 2017): Undergraduate Aerodynamics.
~ AEROSP 423 (Winter 2017): Undergraduate Computational Methods for Aerospace Engineering.

Graduate Student Instructor for AEROSP 325-Undergraduate Aerodynamics (Fall 2015)
Student review: 4.63/5.00
~ Held office hours to help students understand lecture material, tackle homework problems, and prepare for exams.
~ Proofread homework solutions provided by the professor.
~ Helped with grading homework when necessary and handled regrade requests.
~ Lectured in place of the professor when the professor was traveling.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Peer Advisor (Fall 2010 - Winter 2011)

~ Designed bi-weekly seminars and field trips for UROP engineering group to help students finding their specific field of interest in engineering, introduce them to the research community, and enrich their research experience.
~ Helped UROP students to find a research project and use university resources so that they could succeed in their freshman/sophomore year.
~ Acted as a liaison between students and research sponsors when problems arouse.