Welcome to the heart of every PhD student's life! As a PhD student, you'll spend a good portion of your daily life working on your research project. So, make sure that you find a research topic of your interest. From experience, I can tell you that when you're working on something you love, putting the hard work will feel much easier and enjoyable.

What is CFD?
CFD stands for computational fluid dynamics. It's a branch of fluid mechanics that uses computers to perform the calculations for analyzing problems that involve fluid flows. In short, CFD is a combination of mathematics, physics, and computer programming. In aerospace engineering, CFD plays an important role in significantly reducing the number of expensive wind tunnel tests needed during the aircraft design process. Many unconventional aircraft design also emerges as a result of CFD development. Moreover, CFD has enabled analysis of flows that are hard to produce or visualize experimentally, such as analysis of atmospheric contaminant transport and visualization of turbulent flows produced by small parts of a race car. Thus, CFD application is not limited to aerospace engineering.

What is my research interest?
I'm mainly interested in the development of algorithms to improve the robustness and accuracy of CFD methods for high-performance computing. Some topics of interest include mesh adaptation and generation, error estimation, design under uncertainty, CFD software design, and parallel computation.