Department Colloquia
 Wednesdays at 4:00 PM in room 340 West Hall

Winter 2015

Date             Speaker Title
 1/7/15  Tom Lubensky 
Univ of Pennsylvania
Lattices Near Mechanical Collapse
 1/14/15 Vince Cianciolo, Oak Ridge National Lab Measuring the Neutron’s Electric Dipole Moment
 1/21/15      Charles Lawrence, Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech   The Universe According to Planck
 1/28/15 Mikhail Lukin, Harvard University Exploring New Interface Between Quantum Optics and Nanoscience
 2/4/15 Hiroyuki Oigawa, Japan Atomic Energy Agency HELMUT W. BAER LECTURE
Transmutation Technology for Long-Lived Nuclear Wastes
 2/11/15 Brian Cole, Columbia University Primordial matter: recreating the (microscopic) conditions of the early universe at t = 10-5 s

 2/25/15 Anna M. Hermundstad
University of Pennsylvania
Beyond independence: emergent neural function and the natural world
Winter Recess
 3/11/15 R. Scott Kemp, MIT Who gets the bomb? The engineering physics behind contemporary nuclear proliferation.
 3/18/15  Steve Koonin, NYU Adventures in Urban Informatics
 3/25/15 John Wolfe-UM Chemistry Henriette Elvang-UM Physics Aaron Pierce-UM Physics 
Tim McKay-UM Physics
Wolfgang Lorenzon-UM Physics
Authentic Science Learning:  REBUILD News
 4/1/15 Jie (Jackie) Li
University of Michigan
Make Diamonds and Break Diamonds to Probe Earth’s Deep Secrets
 4/8/15     Harry Nelson
UC Santa Barbara
Touch the Dark
 4/15/15 Allen Goldman, University of Minnesota Electrostatic Control of the Superconductor-Insulator Transition

Fall 2015

Date             Speaker Title
Brad Orr
University of Michigan
State of the Department
9/16/15 Susan Seestrom, LANL
Junjie Zhu
University of Michigan
LHC Physics
9/30/15 Eric Betzig
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Ta-You Wu Lecture