Department Colloquia
 Wednesdays at 4:00 PM in room 340 West Hall

Fall 2015

Date             Speaker Title
Brad Orr
University of Michigan
State of the Department
9/16/15 Susan Seestrom, LANL UCN-tau - Measuring the neutron lifetime with trapped ultra cold neutrons
Junjie Zhu
University of Michigan
Understanding the electroweak symmetry breaking: the Higgs boson and beyond
9/30/15 Eric Betzig
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Ta-You Wu Lecture
10/7/15 Lu Li
University of Michigan
Correlated Topological Insulator
10/14/15  Christine Aidala
University of Michigan
Frontiers in Quantum Chromodynamics
10/21/15 REBUILD (Tim McKay, Gus Evrard, Brad Orr) New Tools and Approaches for Intro Physics at Michigan
10/28/15 Francis Halzen
University of Wisconsin
IceCube and the Discovery of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
11/4/15 Zvonimir Dogic
Brandeis University
Spontaneous flows in active fluids.
11/11/15 Gerard Wong
Infectious diseases, auto-immune diseases, and cancer: opportunities for physics
11/18/15 Jason Owen-Smith
UM Sociology
UMETRICS @ The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS): Using Administrative Data to Examine Research and Its Uses
 11/25/15      No colloquium - Thanksgiving Week
12/2/15 The LHC Show The Large pHysics Comedy (LHC) Show
12/9/15 Fred Becchetti (UMich) The Bubble Chamber: The Device that Revolutionized High-energy Physics

Winter 2016

Date            SpeakerTitle
 1/6/16 Witold Nazarewicz, Michigan StateHelmut Baer Lecture
 1/13/16Chris Jarzynski
University of Maryland
 1/27/16Kerry Vahala, Caltech
 2/3/16Savvas M. Koushiappas
 2/10/16Sean Hartnoll, Stanford
 2/17/16M. Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse Univ.

 2/24/16Jiwoong Park
Winter Recess
 3/9/16Peter Pesic
 3/16/16Gretchen Campbell, University of Maryland
 3/23/16Gene StanleyFord Lecture
 4/6/16    Andrea Liu, University of Pennsylvania
 4/13/16Andrew Martin, LSA Dean