NSF Workshop Materials

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Workshop Agenda (Workshop Agenda and Schedule of Events)

Marc Bendick ("Measuring includion in the workplace: A somewhat economics perspective.")

Vincent L. Hutchings ("Wedge politics: The structure and function of group cues in contemporary American politics.")

Ann Kingsolver ("Concentric circles of engagement: Participatory research examples from South Carolina and Sri Lanka.")

Corinne Kirchner ("Sociological research and theory on disability and participation: The stickiness and limits of labeling theory, and the appeal of ambiguity.")

Judith Kroll ("What bilinguals tell us about language and mind.")

Victoria Lawson ("Geographies of social difference and participation.")

Samual R. Lucas ("Education and opportunity in the United States: Persistent myths and hidden realities.")

Quinetta Roberson ("Disentangling diversity and inclusion in organizations.")

Denise Sekaquaptewa ("Social-psychological and situational influences on academic outcomes for women and African American students.")

Additional Resource: Culturally Situated Design Tools (R. Englash)

Additional Resource: Social Implications Frameworks (R. Englash)