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9/20/2016 CPS Legislation
New link on left to maps showing change in child passenger safety laws in the United States since 2005. Based on new UMTRI research indicating that laws meeting best practice recommendations have higher rates of optimal restraint use.

9/23/2012 Rear-facing Child Restraints
Correction to quoted statistics made as follows (1-2 changed to 0-2):
This means that most children can remain rear-facing through age 2 years, based on average child sizes and the capacity of most rear-facing convertible restraint products on the market. US crash data show that children aged 0–2 years are 5.53 times safer in a rear-facing restraint than in a forward-facing restraint in side impacts and 1.23 times safer in frontal impacts (Henary et al. 2007).

12/30/2012 Boosters, References
Added reference (O'Neil et al. 2012) describing fatal case of 5-year-old in booster placing shoulder belt behind back while using a booster, plus revised relevant text under boosters.