Videos Illustrating Consequences of CRS Misuse and Nonuse  
These videos are made available by UMTRI.  You may use them for educational purposes only.  Please add text acknowledging that the videos are courtesy of the University of Michigan.

Rear-facing vs. Forward-facing

Rear-facing vs. forward-facing

3YO dummy unrestrained vs. a forward-facing harnessed restraint

Restrained vs. unrestrained child

6YO dummy without a belt-positioning booster seat

6YO dummy without a booster

6YO dummy with a belt-positioning booster seat

With a belt-positioning booster seat

Forward-facing loose installation with and without correctly used tether

Loose Installation with and without tether

Tether vs. no tether

Tether vs. no tether

Frontal-impact airbag into rear-facing child restraint

Airbag deploying into rear-facing child restraint

Frontal impact loose harness versus tight harness

Loose harness vs Tight harness

Frontal impact harness slots too low (below shoulders) versus correct harness slots

Harness slots too low vs correct harness

Frontal impact loose installation (no tether) versus tight installation (with tether)

Loose installation without tether vs Correct installation with tether

Loose installation vs tight installation

Frontal impact: Forward-facing incorrect belt path versus correct belt path

Incorrect vs correct belt path

Frontal impact: Rearward-facing incorrect belt path versus correct belt path

Rearward facing: Incorrect vs correct belt path

Frontal impact locking clip used on wrong side of child seat

Incorrect locking clip use