CM/AMO Seminars
  Seminars take place on Tuesdays in room 335 West Hall at 4:00 pm
Winter 2016

 Date             Speaker Title
Alexander High
Harvard University
Faculty Candidate (Contact Holly Wanty)
Hyperbolic Metasurfaces: An Emerging Platform for Tailoring Light-Matter Interaction
 1/19/16 Stephen Eckel
Joint Quantum Institute, Univ of Maryland
Faculty Candidate (Contact Holly Wanty)
Studying Superfluidity Using Cold-Atom Circuits

 2/2/16 Onur Hosten 
Stanford University
Faculty Candidate (Contact Holly Wanty)
Quantum Metrology Frontiers with Cold Atoms
 2/9/16 Liuyan Zhao
Faculty Candidate (Contact Holly Wanty)

 2/16/16 Wan Kyu Park
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Unraveling Intriguing Topological Nature of the Kondo Insulator SmB6 
 2/23/16 Jim Shaffer
University of Oklahoma
Mid-Winter Break February 29-March 4
 3/8/16 Hakan Tureci
Princeton University


 3/22/16 Edo Waks
University of Maryland

Madalina Furis
University of Vermont

 4/5/16 Glenn Solomon
NIST, Gettysburg

Keji Lai
University of Texas