CM/AMO Seminars
  Seminars take place on Tuesdays in room 335 West Hall at 4:00 pm

Fall 2015

 Date            SpeakerTitle
 9/15/2015Mackillo Kira
University of Marburg, Germany
Clusteractive life of many-body quantum processes
 9/22/2015Eitan Geva
University of Michigan Chemistry
What can time-resolved IR spectroscopy tell us about the structure and dynamics of molecules in liquid solution? 
 9/29/2015Jiangping Hu
Purdue University
Searching for the genes of unconventional high temperature superconductors
 10/6/15Marianna Safronova
University of Delaware
Magic wavelengths and their applications
 10/13/15Chitra Rangan
University of Windsor
Surface enhanced quantum control
 10/27/15Jared Wahlstrand
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics, University of Maryland
Creating long-lived optical waveguides in air using femtosecond lasers
 11/3/15Sara Majetich
Carnegie Mellon University
Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and Nanoparticles
 11/10/15Paul Brumer
University of Toronto
Quantum Coherences in Photosynthesis and Vision?
 11/17/15Yong-Baek Kim
University of Toronto
Topological Phases in Correlated Materials with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling
Thanksgiving Week
Xiang Cheng
University of Minnesota
Impact response of granular materials: From the origin of the universe to catastrophic asteroid strikes
 12/8/15Gerald Dunne
University of Connecticut

Winter 2016

 Date            SpeakerTitle



 2/9/16Sean Hartnoll
Stanford University


Mid-Winter Break February 29-March 4
 3/8/16Hakan Tureci
Princeton University

 3/15/16Jim Shaffer
University of Oklahoma

 3/22/16Edo Waks
University of Maryland

Madalina Fluris
University of Vermont

 4/5/16Glenn Solomon
NIST, Gettysburg

Keji Lai
University of Texas