What are Connected Learning Environments?
Any space, whether physical or virtual, can dramatically affect learning. Connections between people, programs, and technology within these spaces can foster new, dynamic, and integrative approaches to teaching and learning that challenge traditional notions of instruction, interaction, and student engagement. Examples of connected learning environments at Michigan include the Brandon Center in the School of Education and Design Lab 1 in the Duderstadt Center.

From a recent national report on connected learning environments:

“Our approach draws on sociocultural learning theory in valuing learning that is embedded within meaningful practices and supportive relationships, and that recognizes diverse pathways and forms of knowledge and expertise. Our design model builds on this approach by focusing on supports and mechanisms for building environments that connect learning across the spheres of interests, peer culture, and academic life.”

Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design

A research synthesis report of the Connected Learning Research Network,

Published by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub. Irvine, CA. January 2013.

A full-text PDF of this report is available as a free download from www.dmlhub.net/publications

What Events Were Held?
A kickoff event was held in March, 2013 and two workshops were held during Enriching Scholarship, in May, 2013. Please see the Events page for a full description.

Is There a Social Network Hashtag for the Series?
Yes, we are encouraging the use of the hashtag #umcle

Is There an Email Group for the Series?
Yes, you may join the email list by clicking here.

Who is Sponsoring The Connected Learning Environment Series at Michigan?
MLibrary and the Collaborative Domain Group, a cross disciplinary team of faculty and administrators across the university, are hosting the series. 

Who can I contact for additional questions?
Please email the Series organizers at: cle-organizers@umich.edu
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