Community Living at Michigan (CLAM)

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Welcome to the University Housing Community 

"Welcome to Michigan" banner at the Union
Welcome to your community! It is our sincere hope that you will find your residence comfortable, and that your stay will be mutually beneficial to you and your community. It is often said that some of the most important learning occurring in the university setting takes place outside the classroom. Much of that learning occurs during the interactions and exchanges that take place among residents in University Housing.

In University Housing, you will find many people with interests similar to your own. You will also find people who are different from you. 
The diversity of appearances, beliefs and expectations is astounding, wonderful and sometimes intimidating. University Housing strives to create an environment in which positive relationships with all these people, similar and dissimilar, can thrive. 

The aspirations of University Housing staff to create an atmosphere of mutual respect are stated in the Living at Michigan Credo and the Resident Bill of Rights. Please use them to help make your experience in University Housing positive, educational and enjoyable.          

The mission of University Housing is to create and sustain diverse learning-centered residential communities that further the goals of the University. Through partnership with others, we provide quality programs, services, and facilities for those we serve.

Living at Michigan Credo

The University of Michigan is a special place. It is an educational community designed to foster freedom of thought and unconventional, even uncomfortable, opinions. It attempts to provide an environment conducive to inquiry, in which innovation and creativity are nurtured. Part of this openness to ideas is an acceptance and appreciation of diverse cultures from around the country and around the world—an allowance not only for people to be different, but a recognition that such diversity is the vital core of University life. University Housing is committed to an inclusive, sensitive, socially just and humane community in our residence halls and apartments. Many students use their college years to explore and develop their personal identity and values. We believe this exploration can best take place in an environment that is open to and respectful of individuals across the spectrum of human differences and distinctions. It is the responsibility of every member of the Housing community, staff and students alike, to work to create and maintain such an environment. We pledge to work collectively to examine our values and conduct, and to question those values when they reflect an origin of fear, anger, or ignorance. Acts of bigotry are acts of hatred against us all, and they will not be condoned or tolerated. We must all share in the responsibility of confronting unacceptable behavior, and in providing an example of involved citizenship. We continue to strive towards fulfilling our ideals. Join us in this affirmation of our common humanity.