The Community College Interdisciplinary Research Forum (CCIRF) is a graduate student-run Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop dedicated to the expanding field of community college research. Our membership includes both masters and doctoral students from a range of disciplines who are interested in community college research and practice; many of us have attended, worked, or taught in community colleges, as well.

CCIRF's mission is fourfold:

  • To create a supportive interdisciplinary space in which faculty and graduate students engaged in community college research can meet colleagues, share their work, and access the group's collective knowledge and resources.
  • To provide opportunities for community college researchers and future practitioners to learn from each others interests and experiences.
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary educational events and exchanges that increase awareness of and appreciation for community college research, including book discussions, guest speakers, and conferences.
  • To create opportunities for researchers and future practitioners to connect and collaborate with instructors, institutional researchers, and administrative leaders at community colleges across the region.