Wrist, Hand and Foot LO 5

5. Describe the main arches of the foot and the ligaments and tendons that support them.

Arches of the foot are important in distributing weight and absorbing shock that occurs in locomotion.

    • Medial longitudinal arch
      • Formed by tarsals (except cuboid) and 1st-3rd metatarsals
      • This is the higher of the two longitudinal arch
      • Head of talus is important component of this arch
      • Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament: supports head of talus
        • Sustentaculum tali of calcaneus to navicular
      • Long plantar ligament
        • Calcaneus to cuboid
      • Plantar calcaneocuboid (short) ligament
        • Between spring and long plantar ligaments
      • Leg muscle tendons also play an active role in supporting this arch
      • Clinical importance: the medial longitudinal arch is most affected in cases of flatfeet (‘fallen arches’)
  • Transverse arch of foot
      • Formed by cuboid, all cuneiforms, and bases of all metacarpals
      • Tendons of tibialis posterior and fibularis longus support this arch