Upper Limb LO2

2. Describe the main muscle groups or muscle compartments of the upper limb.

The upper limb consists of four major segments. Each of these segments is divided into regions/muscle compartments for more precise description.

  • Shoulder
    • Axio-appendicular muscles moving the glenohumeral joint & pectoral girdle
      • Most of these muscles were discussed and dissected in previous sessions and include: pectoralis major & minor, trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, etc.
    • Intrinsic shoulder muscles
  • Arm (brachium)
    • Anterior (flexor) compartment
    • Posterior (extensor) compartment
  • Forearm (antebrachium)
    • Anterior (flexor/pronator) compartment
    • Posterior (extensor/supinator) compartment
  • Hand
    • Thenar compartment
    • Adductor compartment
    • Hypothenar compartment
    • Central compartment
    • Interosseous compartment