Lower Limb LO1

1. Describe the main muscle groups or muscle compartments of the lower limb.

The lower limb is specialized for bipedal locomotion. It is connected to the trunk via the sacro-iliac (SI) joints – the hip bones (coxal bones) articulate with the sacrum. The hip bones together with the sacrum and coccyx form the bony pelvis. Some of the muscles that act on the lower limb arise from the bony pelvis and the inferior part of the vertebral column; consequently, it is customary to include these transitional regions when describing the lower limb.

  • Hip
    • Gluteal region
  • Thigh
    • Anterior compartment
    • Medial (adductor) compartment
    • Posterior compartment
  • Leg
    • Anterior (extensor) compartment
    • Lateral compartment
    • Posterior compartment (superficial & deep)
  • Foot
    • Plantar region
    • Dorsal region