LO1 - Abdominal Wall

1. Understand the basic terminology for the abdominal region, specifically

The abdominal region is generally divided into quadrants in order to better understand the location of abdominal organs or specific pathologies. The quadrants are divided by 2 planes: median & transumbilical. The median plane is longitudinal and divides this area into right and left portions. It is important to recall that the median plane is not restricted to the abdomen. The transumbilical plane is a transverse, imaginary line extending laterally from the umbilicus.

These planes create the 4 quadrants. Please refer to the image & table below to visualize the quadrants, and understand the basic contents of each.

Be aware that there are 9 further subdivisions/regions of the abdomen, and may be referenced in clinical lectures. These regions are based on the paired, sagittal midclavicular planes and two transverse planes. The specific transverse planes utilized differ according to clinical specializations.