Back & Spinal Cord Dissection Summary

Back & Spinal Cord

Dissection Summary

Part I - Skinning

Part II - Superficial Back Musculature

Part III - Deep Back

Part IV - Laminectomy

Part V - Vertebral Canal Contents

  • Observe the epidural fat and the posterior internal vertebral venous plexus, then remove them
  • Identify the dura mater surrounding the spinal cord, and note the filum terminale externum/coccygeal ligament extending from the termination of the dura mater
  • Incise along the midline of the dura mater and open the dural sac
  • View the meninges, spinal cord, and associated structures:
  • Identify the posterior spinal arteries and veins running along the spinal cord
  • Make a transverse cut through the spinal cord in the thoracic region and reflect the cord in order to visualize the anterior spinal artery and veins
  • Try to distinguish between the grey and white matter on the cut edge of the spinal cord
  • Locate the posterior longitudinal ligament by removing the anterior portion of the dural sac

Part VI - Spinal Nerves and Associated Structures