S8 Dissection Summary

S8 Dissection Summary

Part 1 - Parotid Area

    • Clean the superficial surface of the masseter m.
    • Completely remove the parotid gland while preserving the neurovasculature in this region

Part 2 - Muscles of Mastication

    • Separate the temporalis m. from the zygomatic arch and the masseter m.
    • Relieve the masseter m. from its proximal attachments and reflect inferiorly
    • Cut through the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, just anterior to the articular tubercle of the temporal bone
    • Relieve the zygomaticus major m. from its attachment to the zygomatic bone
    • Relieve the deep part of the masseter m. from the zygomatic arch, and remove the zygomatic arch
    • Remove the buccal fat pad and clean the superficial aspect of the buccinator m.
    • Clean the temporal fascia to reveal the tendon and belly of the temporalis m.
    • Locate the mandibular notch, and locate portions of the masseteric n. and a.
    • Palpate the styloid process of the temporal bone. Locate the stylomandibular ligament

Part 3 - Infratemporal Fossa

    • Cut the base of the coronoid process of the mandible, and superiorly reflect the coronoid process and temporalis m.
    • Locate the lateral ligament of the temporomandibular joint covering the condylar process of the mandible
    • Cut through the base of the condylar process of the mandible adjacent to the mandibular notch
    • Locate the inferior alveolar neurovascular bundle, and follow it inferiorly to the mandibular foramen
    • Cut the ramus of the mandible at or just above the mandibular foramen
    • Locate the vascular supply (anterior & posterior deep temporal aa. & vv.) and innervation (deep temporal nn.) for the temporalis m.

Part 4 - TMJ

    • Examine the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
        • Manipulate the condylar process to appreciate the motions possible at this joint
        • Clear the lateral ligament from the joint capsule
        • Remove the lateral aspect of the joint capsule to reveal the articular disc and the upper and lower synovial cavities

Part 5 - Pterygoid Muscles

    • Identify the maxillary a., but do not dissect/identify its branches at this time
    • Clean the lateral pterygoid m. and medial pterygoid m.
        • Distinguish between the superior and inferior heads of the lateral pterygoid m.