S6 Dissection Summary

S6 Dissection Summary

Part 1 - Features of the Nose

    • Examine the external features of the nose, and appreciate the relationship between the nose and the upper lip.

Part 2 - Skinning

    • Remove the remainder of the skin from the face
        • Do not skin the nose or ears
        • Skin near the eyes, but do not skin the (palpebral parts of the orbicularis oculi m.) eyelids
    • Locate facial n. brs. and the parotid duct
    • Determine a dissection plan for each side of the face:
        • superficial dissection (which will retain the facial n. branches, and include facial mm.)
        • deep dissection (which will include facial mm. and cutaneous nn.)

Part 3 - Facial Nerve

    • Trace and clean the facial n. branches to their distal connections
    • Try to preserve any connections among these branches, especially in the vicinity of the buccal brs.
    • As you work medially from the parotid, locate the parotid (Stensen’s) duct, and clean the duct to its course through the buccinator m.

Part 4 - Facial Muscles

    • Clean any remaining fibro-adipose tissue from the SMAS to reveal the craniofacial and epicranial muscles
    • Skin the entirety of the nose, and locate the nasal muscles

Part 5 - Associated Foramina and Content

Part 6 - Facial Artery and Vein

    • On the side of face with the parotid gland removed, locate the retromandibular v. and its superior tributary, the superficial temporal v.
    • Follow the retromandibular v. to its potential junctions with the facial v. (into the internal jugular v.) and the posterior auricular v. (to form the external jugular v.).
    • Locate the facial a. and v.
        • Locate the major branches of the facial a.
        • Locate major branches of the facial v.