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Beyond the Standard Model Workshop
October 10 - 12, 2016

The Higgs boson discovery represents an important step, yet it remains unclear what new physics may remain at the TeV scale. The LHC’s 2015 run demonstrated the ability to run at 13 TeV, and a substantial amount of data are expected at this energy Summer 2016. These data will represent a real window of opportunity for discovery that will rapidly push into a new regime and probe many models at the TeV scale. 

Should a discovery be made, this workshop will be the ideal opportunity to bring together experts to try and place any excesses in the context of underlying theories. In the absence of immediate signals, it will be a chance to regroup, and consider what the foci should be for BSM physics in the upcoming years. 

The workshop will be around 2.5 days. Participants are welcome to stay for the remainder of the week (with fewer talks, but opportunity for informal discussions and collaboration).

Partially supported by the DOE Office of Science (Office of High Energy Physics).
Image credit: CERN.

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Roni Harnik (FNAL)

Aaron Pierce (MCTP)

Nausheen Shah (Wayne State)

James Wells (MCTP)

Yue Zhao (MCTP)

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