Welcome To My Portfolio!
    My name is Andrea Matsumoto and I am a sophomore in the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan. I am excited to be entering the nursing profession because of all of the opportunities to positively impact the lives of patients. 
    One of the most unique traits I believe I embody is the ability to laugh at myself. Throughout my life I have learned to not take things too seriously and be silly. As a result, I am able to let my guard down and live for the entertainment in our daily lives whether I am with my friends or family.

    Contrarily, I do not consider myself a "class clown." Once I have begun a class, project, or job position, my serious switch turns on. I take pride in every commitment I make, therefore it is a requirement that I find a way to do my absolute best possible work each time. This motivation has helped me make the most of the opportunities presented to me and find new knowledge while exploring them. 

    I hope this portfolio will provide you with more information about who I am and how I have become my dedicated, easy-going self via my goals, personal philosophy, and key experiences pages.