Upcoming Events in 2018

Dissertation Workshop, 28 September 2018

Please join the Native American and Indigenous Studies Interdisciplinary Group for our discussion on Steve Pelletier's (English Language & Literature Ph.D. Candidate) dissertation chapter on the work of Cheyenne silent movie actress Minnie Devereaux entitled

"Just Minnie: Fighting the Squaw-Man Narrative and Assimilation Era Policies in Early Hollywood as an Organic Intellectual."

To RSVP and request Steve's paper, please email swpellet@umich.edu. Faculty, staff, and graduate students from all departments are warmly welcome. If you have any questions, please email either Kat Whiteley katcw@umich.edu or Steve Pelletier swpellet@umich.edu

Where: Haven Hall 3773, 10-12pm

Lecture, 12 October 2018

Cutcha Risling Baldy, "We Are Dancing for You: Native Feminisms and the Revitilization of Women's Coming-of-Age Ceremonies"

Where: Haven Hall 3512, 4-5:30 pm