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The Ohio State University
Department of Economics
429 Arps Hall
1945 N. High St.
Columbus OH 43210


Adam Dearing
Assistant Professor | Economics | The Ohio State University

My research is in industrial organization, applied microeconomics, and applied econometrics. In particular, I study the effects of regulation and market structure on firms' pricing and product line decisions, and estimation of dynamic discrete choice models and dynamic games. I received my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan in 2017. I also received my B.S. in Mathematics (2009) and M.A. in Economics (2012) from the University of Michigan.

[Curriculum Vitae (pdf)]

Fields of Interest
     Industrial Organization
     Applied Microeconomics
     Applied Econometrics

Working Papers
 "Efficient and Convergent Sequential Pseudo-Likelihood Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games." (joint with Jason R. 
          Blevins) [.pdf]
     "Pseudo-Value Functions and Closed-Form CCP Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models" [.pdf]
"Estimating Structural Demand and Supply Models Using Tax Rates as Instruments" [.pdf]
     "Pricing Policy and Welfare in Retail Chains: A Case for Vertical Incentives" [.pdf]

Works in Progress

     "Tax Incidence under Uniform Pricing"
     "Minimum Markups and Product Proliferation: Implications for Regulatory Policy"