This is an evolving advocacy project workspace to revisit the structural design loading guidance in ASCE 7 and Table 1607 of the International Building Code and to correlate their development with NFPA 101.  

The ASCE document is now about halfway through its 2016 revision cycle.  While public proposals and comments on safety  and economic concepts should be received by the technical committee, it is more likely that the result of our work here will be reflected in the 2021 revision.   

See the ASCE revision calendar tab to see how much time we have to prepare concepts for consideration by the technical committees.

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Purpose.  To drive new safety and economic concepts into this document that are most useful to the types of buildings that are common in the education and health care facilities industry.   

To what degree has occupancy and use patterns in our industry changed since the live loading tables of the relevant ASCE and ICC technical standards were set?  Is there a way to simultaneously make buildings safer, more adaptable over their life cycle, and still reduce cost?  We will likely have to help find a way to fund research to inform technical committees that have not received any new information in recent ASCE SEI revision cycles.